The Prophecy (1995)

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, Mystery
Director: Gregory Widen
Cast: Christopher Walken, Elias Koteas and Virginia Madsen
Runtime: 98 min

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Angels come to Earth to find a human soul that can end the war in heaven. Humans are caught up in this battle and must find a way to stop the angel Gabriel before he takes the soul back from where the angel Simon has hidden it.

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    Terri thinks it's OK

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  • Vladimír Cintula

    Tomuto filmu som neprisiel na chut. Vlastne som sa dost nudil a nezachranil to ani Christopher Walken. A teraz uz 15 minut dumam ci dat Terrible alebo predsalen Okay (akoze sedy priemer)...

    rated as Terrible -

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